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Forward Nawayug Shrestha Marks 50th Cap Milestone with the National Football Team

**Forward Nawayug Shrestha Marks 50th Cap Milestone with the National Football Team**

*City Sports Network - September 17, 2023*

KATHMANDU - It was a special moment for Nepali football fans as forward Nawayug Shrestha reached a significant milestone in his international career, earning his 50th cap with the national football team on Monday. The occasion was celebrated during the second friendly match against the host nation Myanmar, where Nawayug entered the field in the 72nd minute, replacing Jellespijang Karki, his fellow teammate from the Tribhuvan Army Football Club.

Nawayug Shrestha's journey with the national team began in 2015 when he made his debut during a friendly match against India. He stepped onto the field in the 55th minute, marking the beginning of a remarkable international career. Since then, Nawayug has consistently displayed his talent and dedication, making him a valuable asset to the Nepali national team.

In the recent friendly series against Myanmar, Nepal faced a tough challenge, with the second match ending in a 1-0 defeat. The first match, which took place on the preceding Friday, concluded in a goalless draw. These friendly matches were an essential part of Nepal's preparation for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers scheduled for next month.

Nawayug Shrestha has been an integral part of the national squad during some of Nepal's most memorable moments in international football. Notably, he played a crucial role when Nepal secured the gold medal at the Bangabandhu Gold Cup and the 12th South Asian Games in 2016. Furthermore, he was a key member of the team that clinched the AFC Solidarity Cup in November 2016, a moment that is etched in the annals of Nepali football history.

Throughout his international career, Nawayug has showcased his scoring prowess, contributing eight goals to the national team's success. His exceptional performance even includes a memorable hat-trick that thrilled football enthusiasts and solidified his reputation as one of Nepal's premier forwards.

As Nawayug Shrestha continues to shine on the international stage, football fans eagerly anticipate his future contributions to the Nepali national team. With the World Cup qualifiers looming on the horizon, the nation looks to him and his teammates to carry the flag of Nepal with pride and determination.

Congratulations to Nawayug Shrestha on reaching this remarkable milestone in his international football journey. We wish him continued success and look forward to witnessing his outstanding performances in the upcoming matches.

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