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Chance for South Asian nations to Qualify 3rd round of FIFA World cup Qualifiers.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers South Asian Countries Nepal , India , Pakistan , Bangladesh chances 2023

Chances for the south asian countries to qualify in fifa world cup 3rd round.

**City Sports Network**
*November 11, 2023 - Kathmandu, Nepal

In a bold prediction that has sparked fervent discussions among football enthusiasts, the City Sports Network has forecasted the South Asian countries likely to advance to the third round of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Drawing on expert analysis and in-depth insights, the network identifies the formidable teams expected to emerge triumphant in the intense competition. As anticipation builds, fans across the region eagerly await to see if these predictions align with the unfolding drama on the football field, adding an extra layer of excitement to the journey towards the prestigious FIFA World Cup.

Group A:  50%

In Group A, India and Kuwait face a crucial challenge. Kuwait currently ranked 135th due to a previous ban, but it has the quality like r teams which are ranked between 80 to 90. India, ranked 105th, has the advantage of a recent win against Kuwait in the SAFF Championship final. India is likely to aim for draws in both matches against Qatar, considering Qatar's strength. India will look to secure a win against Afghanistan, and one match will likely end in a draw while India wins the other. The matches between India, Kuwait, and Afghanistan will be vital for determining the second team to qualify. The chances for both India and Kuwait are 50%.

Group G: 0%

Pakistan faces an uphill battle in Group G, with strong opponents and higher FIFA rankings. After appointing Stephen Constantine, who was the former head coach of Nepal and India, Pakistan managed to win their home match against Cambodia and progress to the second round. However, the challenge remains high for Pakistan. Their opponents are considerably higher in FIFA rankings, and Pakistan needs to work hard with their players, especially those from Europe. It's worth noting that Pakistan was only recently unbanned by FIFA. Despite their efforts, their chances of advancing appear slim, with a 0% chance.

Group H: 20%

In Group H, Nepal faces the formidable task of taking on Gulf countries. It may be challenging for Nepal to secure wins in the Gulf leg. Nepal will likely aim for draws in both away and home matches against UAE. Nepal may miraculously surprise Bahrain, with one match ending in a draw or a win for Nepal, while the other may be a loss.In 2016 Bangabandhu Gold Cup , the young Nepal national football team won match vs Bahrain u24 by 3-0 in finals , but this time Nepal will face strong Bahrain national team and 2016 Nepalese team was one of the strongest young national squad ever saw .Migration of Nepali players especially in Australia has created huge impact .Nepal must capitalize on the home advantage of the Dashrath Stadium, as history shows they can perform well at home. In 2011, Nepal lost 9-0 to Jordan but managed a 1-1 draw in the return match in Nepal. Nepal should aim for wins in both matches against 156th ranked Yemen. The chances for Nepal stand at 20%.

Group I: 30%

Australia dominates Group I, with no team likely to challenge them. However, it's important to note that Palestine faces challenges due to ongoing conflicts, which may affect their preparation. This situation creates a high chance for Bangladesh to secure a win against Palestine. In this context, Bangladesh may have a better chance to qualify, but they must perform well. To determine their fate, watch their first match in the second round, with a 30% chance of qualifying.

Disclaimer: The following analysis is purely a prediction and for entertainment purposes. It should not be considered as factual or definitive. Real sporting events are subject to various factors, and actual outcomes may differ.

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